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Transaction Assurance

CalliPay is constantly asked the question, "What can we do to best assure the likelihood of the positive/desired outcome?" The answer is always the same. We can deploy solutions that prevent losses through failed payment or fraud. We can help clients prevent the inadvertent risks associated with data loss or non-compliance with regulations.

How do we play this role? Simple. Our solutions enable our clients to review the historical information of every customer. Our clients can then verify the good standing of this party based on their previous history. Once the payer has been verified, our systems utilize external verification such as NCN or ATM network verification to further verify both the paying party and instrument. Unlike other assurance systems, CalliPay uses a more intuitive decision process to detect likely fraud scenarios. Due to this expert analysis capability, our assurance capability is far more sophisticated and multi dimensional than other assurance systems.

At CalliPay, our approach to payment verification is fundamentally different from the industry standard. Our approach considers the entire payment lifecycle, from generating the payment to payment transfer to account reconciliation. Throughout the payment lifecycle, we give you more control at the transactional level so that you can efficiently intercept a transaction to edit, suspend, cancel or replace it, if needed.

We offer specialized solutions to yield more successful payments and increase the incidence of recovering returned payments. Using customized verification, you dictate how much verification you need for specific payment levels from among our multiple verification and anti-fraud options. Using true integration strategies, our system supports all levels of authentication directly through the Unified payment portal which translates to more convenience, time efficiency and overall cost savings. Additionally, CalliPay’s risk management and verification solutions can be used individually or combined, using specific risk models to achieve maximum results.

ATM Network Verification
ATM verification offers the most powerful, accurate, and complete standalone verification system currently available in the industry to reduce NSF risk. Gain access to over 200 million accounts and determine in seconds whether an account is currently overdrawn, frozen, or closed. Our system even provides details regarding why the transaction was declined.

With ATM Verification, you can get advance warning that a payment is likely to be returned before accepting the payment, thus reducing the risk of returns and potentially fraudulent accounts.

The list of institutions participating in this network is growing rapidly. Soon the network will include not only Tier I financial institutions, but also regional and local banks of Tier II.

NCN Verification
NCN® (National Check Network) Verification searches a nationwide database of over 120 million checking accounts and alerts you if your customer has written bad checks. NCN offers the most updated, real time account status information available in the industry. The service also protects you from returned checks by identifying a check writer’s payment history in the nation’s largest database before accepting the payment. CalliPay offers pay-as-you-go pricing for NCN Verification.

ABA Routing Verification
Lower data entry errors and avoid costly returns by performing bank routing verification against the most updated bank routing tables available. Our integrated solutions provide expedient bank routing code verification and lookup directly from the Unified Payment Portal. Perform quick routing code look-up by bank name in a fully integrated and secure environment.

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