Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management
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Beyond the traditional retail store, the web offers an effective way of interacting with customers and vendors regardless of their location. We enable you to extend web-based interactions to all phases of the manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and accounting product cycle, thus creating an efficient and powerful community of trading partners. To take advantage of these opportunities, CalliPay enables customers to easily expand their business onto the web without abandoning what’s already working or investing in expensive hardware or system redesign.

Features and Benefits of the CalliPay solutions

Easy and Safe
CalliPay’s turn-key solution uses proprietary technology that minimizes risk management and seamlessly integrates into any existing infrastructure. Best of all, setting up a Callipay merchant account is easy and does not require extensive upfront investment of either time or money.

Our open architecture and modular approach enables you to build your own solution and integrate it seamlessly into your existing systems. The repertoire of services supported by CalliPay is available to you based on your unique/specific needs and requirements.

No limits
No matter how many locations your business has or the size it grows to be, the UPP’s modular architecture allows for virtually unlimited integration and growth. The unique modular design is so flexible that it not only permits piece-meal integration between your existing systems with ours, but also real time integration of data so that you can perform reconciliations entirely through the UPP.

Our commerce solution enables you to have one truly integrated solution that provides uniformity and extends your business across multiple methods of interaction.

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