Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management
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Company History

The convergence of over 25 years of experience and expertise in the world of technology, payment processing, and data communications has established CalliPay as a leading payment and bill presentment service provider, revolutionizing transaction management for businesses of all sizes and spanning many industries.

CalliPay is the result of almost twenty-five years of participation in diverse areas of information technology and data communication. Callitechnic was originally organized as a provider of developed and integrated technology solutions. Driven by the needs of a large loan-servicing client, the Check Relay check-by-phone system was developed. Check Relay quickly revolutionized the Check-by-Phone marketplace as the first 100% web based payment-by-phone alternative. The success of Check Relay resulted in the formation of the new division, Check Relay Systems. In 2001 the division’s name was changed to CalliPay in order to reflect the evolved mission of the division: to consolidate all possible payment-related functionality into one integrated intuitive web based Unified Payment Portal.

The company soon extended its product offerings to include all means of payment acceptance including ACH and credit/debit cards, payment enhancement in the form of multiple layered verification and fraud detection, and payment recovery through Expedited Returns and sophisticated re-presentment and bill presentment management. CalliPay now offers a fully consolidated payment acceptance and management service directly over the Internet, incorporating every conceivable function available within the industry today. CalliPay continues to pave the way for creating innovative solutions that facilitate commerce. From the first 100% web based payment-by-phone alternative, CalliPay’s advanced solutions continue to set the standard for payment acceptance and management.

CalliPay’s technology based solutions are fueled by the growth of the Internet, and continue to evolve from the needs of enterprising businesses; improving methods of facilitating and managing commerce and the payment functionality by eliminating the constraints of cost, time, location, and system incompatibility. These include bank transactional processing, EDP audit, wide-area networking, ANSI X.12 EDI, authentication/ encryption, physical and data security, object oriented and client/server development, multi-platform integration & migration, lockbox interfacing, CTI, B2B solutions, as well as others. The convergence of the accumulated insights and expertise in these areas, combined with the new opportunities presented by Internet, gave birth to a new approach to creating technology-based solutions for business.

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