Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management
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Statement of Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We focus on promoting and enabling better commerce for businesses.

Our competitors simply underestimate the importance and influence of payments processes. They consistently refer to payments processing as a component of accounting or accounts receivable. This is inaccurate and belies the truth that the payment process pervades the entire operations of a business, from beginning to end, through the entire product lifecycle. What was once the simple practice of accepting payments has developed into a full-blown payments operation comprising both payment acceptance and payment management. CalliPay is the first payment solutions provider to identify this development and assume the mantle of educating the public to this reality.

At first glance, CalliPay products and services may appear the same as that of our competitors. They are not. CalliPay’s approach to providing payment processing solutions stems from a unique insight to the relationship between business operations and payments processing. Our solutions address not only how to remove the obstacles that hinder the process, but also how to enhance this process to achieve the greatest benefits and highest operating efficiency.

Our solutions provide added value and benefit to the client that are not typically standard in other solutions. Because of its modular construction, CalliPay solutions allow for greater flexibility and integration. This allows clients to customize a wide set of features or tools to their work environment without additional costs, and implement changes at any time without causing disruption to their work process.

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