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The Unified Payment Portal

CalliPay’s versatile UPP provides one integrated, intuitive, web based portal where you can access, process, control, and communicate any transaction. CalliPay applications accessible through the UPP generate, receive, process, collect, and track all the information and documentation related to each transaction. We process this information "real-time" through the UPP.

In addition,
  • you can create and automatically generate reports,
  • create and automatically generate letters using the CalliMail feature,
  • reconcile accounts, and
  • handle all aspects of payment returns, in real time
  • For more information on the features and benefits of the UPP, click here.

    You can access four types of CalliPay services through the UPP.

    • Payment Acceptance Methods
      Busy consumers expect choices in their payment options. The more convenient you make it; the more likely you are to get paid. The UPP accepts all payment options, and our modular design structure lets you combine the best solutions for your business. For more on payment acceptance methods, click here.
    • Payment Processing Options
      Once you accept a payment, you can process it using ACH (Electronic Check Processing), credit cards, and debit cards, or Check Relay. For more on payment processing options, click here.
    • Payment Management Methods
      Once you accept payment, additional tools can help you manage transactions such as post date management, returns management, recurring payment management, and more. For more on payment management methods, click here.
    • Workflow Integration Methods
      At CalliPay, we don’t just integrate with your system, we integrate with your workflow process -- and ninety percent of the time we do it at no additional cost to our customers. For more on workflow integration methods, click here.
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