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Payment Processing Options

Once you accept payment, CalliPay also manages them. We offer processing for these types of transactions:

  • Credit/debit Card Processing
    Merchant accounts offered via the CalliPay UPP provides a convenient way for our clients to extend their businesses and increase their sales. The solution supports VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

    Credit/Debit Card features include real-time authorization and Address Verification Service (AVS), which protects against fraud.
  • ACH (Electronic Check Processing)
    Electronic payments take precedent over paper check transactions, increasing the probability that a transaction will clear. CalliPay offers secure and reliable electronic check processing With our ACH solutions, CalliPay electronically debits a consumer’s checking account and provides all the necessary tools to process the transaction.

  • Check Relay
    Check Relay enables you to instantly take checks over the phone and deposit the funds the same-day. CalliPay makes it simple to enroll in the service and get immediate access to its benefits.

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