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System Features and Benefits

The CalliPay Unified Payment Portal (UPP) offers benefits no other system offers. It allows the user to have a higher level of control at the transactional level, track transactions from cradle to grave, and edit, suspend, cancel or replace payments at any point in the process.

With these features in place, CalliPay helps you become more efficient so that you can concentrate on your business.

CalliPay Solutions

User Friendly
The CalliPay UPP approach is simple. One central platform integrates all your payment functionality online. No special equipment or software is required to operate the UPP. With our free product training and support, employees can easily and quickly learn how to use this tool, eliminating the fear of a new application.

No Maintenance
The ASP web based approach means no software upgrades or system maintenance for CalliPay clients.

Our security suite allows for multiple layers of overlapping safeguards that are extremely efficient at minimizing fraud. In addition, data transacted through CalliPay’s payment network is tracked and protected, from login to log off, using the highest level of SSL encryption.

Cost Effective and Time Efficient
CalliPay’s lifecycle approach to providing solutions saves you money and improves time efficiency for your business by addressing specific troublesome areas in payment processing and recovery. Furthermore, our solutions streamline work processes, creating a smoother workflow.

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