Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management Callipay - Innovating The World of Payment Management
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CalliPay’s line of solutions gives clients the ability to offer their customers a variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, electronic or paper checks; using the web, Point-of-sale, phone, IVR and remote deposit capture. In addition, CalliPay’s systems enables bill presentment customized reporting and management tools using one centralized system.

CalliPay solutions are based on an open platform design conducive to real time bidirectional integration with multiple backend, integrated solution or platform providers, client servicing and backend platforms. In short, CalliPay offers the most comprehensive, flexible, open solution of its kind today.

CalliPay solutions enable you to have a greater degree of control over data manipulation at the transactional level. Using CalliPay solutions, you are able to process, track, report, and control most transactions in real time, not after the fact. The extent to which we enable this control is absolutely unique in the industry.

CalliPay solutions are modular in design so you have almost unlimited ability to customize payment acceptance, presentment, management and returns, accessibility, data management, and reporting. Our products integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting and data processing applications. Put these features all together in one package and you have one of the strongest solutions available! That’s the CalliPay Way!

CalliPay solutions support the payment process in three ways:

  • CalliPay solutions facilitate the process of taking payments by removing the obstacles that surround the payments process.
  • CalliPay solutions reduce the risk of taking payments.
  • CalliPay solutions lower the overall cost of taking a payment
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