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Payment Management Methods

Reports and Account Reconciliation Tools
Analyze usage patterns and historical data in real time, anytime. CalliPay’s comprehensive reports offer enhanced sorting and custom grouping mechanisms to massage your productivity information and measure your performance. CalliPay also tracks and partitions information via multiple report formats, giving you the option to share or restrict the information across users, groups, departments, or divisions. Select from multiple report options available for export and then sort reports by users, departments, date ranges, or other custom groupings.

Returns Management Solutions
CalliPay offers three Returns Management Solutions:
  • Expedited Returns
  • RCK
  • Timed Representment
  • Expedited Returns
    Now you can receive notification of returned paper checks and eliminate return check fees. After the initial payment fails, the Expedited Returns solution enables two additional attempts to represent the check for payment. By channeling returns through the CalliPay network, you can save significantly. In addition, you can view images of both the front and back side of checks and track returns using multiple customizable reporting options and exporting features. You can even send your returned checks to a CalliPay bad-check collection partner for servicing.

    RCKS (Represented Checks) Management Solution
    Each time a payment is returned, banks typically charge to process the return. Today, the best approach to recovering bounced payments, including the return fees, is by means of electronic re-presentment using RCK. By utilizing the many benefits of the ACH network, your business can achieve the highest success rate for recovered payments.

    Timed Representments
    CalliPay‘s Time Representment solution works by electronically debiting the check writer’s accounts. Timed Representments are available for checks that originated as paper checks or ACH. Timed Representment enables you to customize your specifications for representment to specific days or dates and then track transactions from the returns stage to disbursement, and line up transactions for timed re-presentment. The recovery chances for ACH re-presentments are higher because banks process ACH’s before paper checks. Online reports offer immediate access to returns information. Use CalliMail to conveniently notify check writers of your check cashing policy using NACHA approved language.

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