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Workflow Integration

Almost every solution provider claims that their solution will integrate seamlessly with yours. That may be true. What they don’t talk about is the extra cost in modifications either to their system or, worse yet, YOURS. At CalliPay, we don’t just integrate with your system, we integrate with your workflow process – and ninety percent of the time we do it at no additional cost to our customers. How can we offer a level of customization and service that is simply not available from our competitors? We can offer this because our platform has an exceptionally open design, and our professionals are exceptionally open minded to your needs.

After all, we know that you are an expert in your business sector, not ours. So we expect to customize to accommodate your existing in-house workflow. By the time CalliPay professionals leave your side, you will already be mistaking your new solution for an in-house system. And that’s just the way we want it to be.

There are three key areas of integration:

#1 Data Sharing
Traditional solution providers consider data integration a custom proposition and expect to modify your system to talk to theirs. And they expect you to pay for that integration. We think that borders on being punitive in nature. CalliPay shoulders the responsibility for data integration. We ask you how you want that integration to look and feel, and we follow a plan that results in such complete integration that you’ll think you developed the solution yourself!

We receive and deliver data to any and from any of your systems, not just one of them. And we do it in EITHER real time or batch to accommodate your systems capability and the existing workflow process in place.

#2 Configurability
We know that you have specific objectives for each interaction with your customers. We configure our system to accommodate all requirements for that interaction. Do you need additional authentication? Perhaps additional account numbers? Additional points of contact for skip tracing? Do you have special requirements regarding backend reconciliation and payment allocation? CalliPay will customize our system to accommodate your needs. Our standard service is custom service.

#3 Transaction Flow
Unlike other solution providers, we make no assumptions about what your business process should be. We don’t ask you to pay the price for having a different business model. After all, your business process is part of your unique approach to your industry. CalliPay supports your transaction flow with a multi path, decision based system. So bring on layers of rules if you need them. Our system is so good, it truly borders on having artificial intelligence.

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