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How do you create a Bill Payer Community that functions with the same kind of customer service and continuity as a relationship-oriented bricks-and-mortar establishment? In today’s business environment, faces change constantly. Sometime you never even see your customer’s face nor do they see yours. How, then do you develop trust in a trading partner’s intention and ability to fulfill their obligations to you?

With CalliPay’s BPC, you can create a unique Bill Payer "Community" of members who are pre-enrolled and pre-evaluated as either merchants or consumers. Each party within the community has their own profile. You can configure payment methods and bank information, payment preferences or accumulate and view transaction history.

Think of the advantages of such a community!

  • You and your trading partners can establish, document, and report transaction history that enables trust.
  • You and your trading partners can document and track customer transaction and payment preferences.
  • You and your trading partners can create business reputations within an online community similar to the industry reputation that you currently enjoy.
  • Build a transactional history that retains all the details of all transactions with any given customer or trading partner

Now, you can provide continuity of service and establish a basis for mutual trust based not on whim or instinct, but on hard data.

CalliPay BPP Features and Functionality:

  • Online bill pay.
  • Email bills and customer reminders.
  • Multiple billing layouts are available, with the option to add your own company branding.
  • Full integrated and fully scalable as transaction volume grows.
  • Easy and inexpensive Web based deployment and management.

BPP Benefits:

  • Reduces the number of late payments.
  • Reduces postage fees, labor, and other costs of managing paper bills and statements.
  • Delivers the competitive edge you seek by increasing business receivables without a heavy investment to make existing databases, billing and accounting systems ecommerce compatible.
  • Data files are available in multiple file formats to easily post data files to your billing and accounting system.
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