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Consumer Membership - Consumers may enroll over the web per your specific requirements. Requirements may include any combination of required demographic data, identification data, unique password requirements, etc. You may then selectively pay bills to merchant members or enroll on a per-merchant basis in various bill-presentment and reminder services, as allowed by each merchant. Consumers benefit from flexible profile configuration to accommodate his/her preferences, as well comprehensive detailed and summary reporting of historical, as well as pending, activity.

Merchant Boarding & Integration - Merchant boarding may be configured to be a web based, unattended process. Data integration with the merchant, though not required for simple bill payment, is mandatory in order to provide comprehensive bill presentment services. The data integration process involves the one-time setup of data content and communication preference to/from the merchant’s systems. CalliPay BPP provides numerous data formats and communication methods to select from. Once data integration is in place for a merchant it can run fully automatically as desired.

Back-End-Provider Integration & Connectivity - CalliPay BPC supports the concurrent interface to all UPP methods, as well as CalliPay-on-Demand.

Consumer Selection of Merchants for Bill Presentment - Enrolled consumers may select merchants from a drop-down list of enrolled merchants. The consumer is then presented with a list of available options as enabled for the selected merchant during the merchant enrollment. These options include the following:

Electronic Payment - The consumer may choose to pay a bill that has been received directly from Web detail of the bill, simply by clicking a link on the page. The consumer is then presented with all payment types that are configured for both the merchant and the consumer. During the payment dialog, any additional fees that apply will be clearly stated and automatically added to face transaction amount if the payment is confirmed by the consumer. Additionally, the consumer may choose to pay a bill to a merchant member even though the bill was received via mail delivery and not via the CalliPay BPP system. In this case, the consumer enters the specified information from the bill and selects from eligible payment types. Errors are minimized by asking for critical information twice. The remaining payment dialog regarding fees and confirmation remain identical to that of Web presentment payments.

Recurring Payments - The consumer may wish to set up automatic payment of bills presented by certain merchants. Credit/debit card and CalliPay-on-Demand (COD) payments are all eligible for use in recurring payments. The consumer may choose to receive email reminders of pending payments and email confirmation that payment has been made.

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