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Electronic Bill Presentment

CalliPay makes no assumptions about how your consumer wants to pay their bills. We utilize a multi-path model to get your statement or invoice to your customers. Presentments are generated through CalliMail. An image of the document, or information on the document is then available to your customers through the following methods:

Hear it over the phone via IVR,

Read it via mail, e-mail, text message, mobile, SMS, Internet, or link to a Website (identity verification is required to view the entire document).

Customers may view and print their statement at their own convenience. Once they receive the electronic bill presentment, they now have options available for payment. They can walk into a physical location, mail payment to an address, or pay by phone, or electronically over the web.

CalliPay E-Bill service gives companies large and small the ability to provide their customers with the complete benefits and savings associated with electronically billing and payment, efficiently and securely. CalliPay E-Bill seamlessly integrates with any existing billing system for billing procedures and accounting systems. When you compare the direct cost savings gained by e-billing versus conventional paper mailing, Electronic Bill Presentment translates into powerful bottom-line cost savings.

Payment page
We customize your payment page to entirely mirror your corporate identity and workflow process. We don’t just handle the money; we also handle the information that goes with that transaction. Does this transaction require a receipt? Or an accompanying letter? Should this transaction trigger a notification to the warehouse or shipper? Not only do we seamlessly integrate it into your existing systems, but we maintain, host, and secure your site.

Even if your company already has a payment page or prefers to build your own, you can still utilize CalliPay to handle your hosting and processing needs separately so that you still receive all the benefits associated with our payment page solution.

CalliPay on Demand (C.O.D.)
CalliPay’s C.O.D. is a Web based, enrollment based, virtual bank account system that enables any merchant to accept payments of any size, at anytime, from anywhere.

Many merchants are looking for a low cost way to accept payments, even low value payments (Micropayments). C.O.D. enables you to do just that. Accept payments in real time via the Web, mobile device, SMS, or IVR. By allowing prepayment into a C.O.D account, C.O.D. becomes not just an access method but a funding method.

C.O.D. offers:
  • High availability through multiple points of presence (SMS, text messaging, mobile Web, Web, email, IVR, phone)
  • Users don’t need credit or debit cards to safely purchase products and services using their checking account
  • Bundled informational component associated with any and all transactions
  • Multiple bill presentment, payment and reporting options
  • Two-factor authentication method
  • Allows for easy integration into dissimilar back-end resources

For more information on how you can afford to accept payments of any amount, contact us.

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