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Payments Acceptance Methods

Regardless of the payment type, the UPP handles it all, handles it instantly, and with the right balance of security and reliability. CalliPay solutions enable you to accept payments using the following methods:

  • Telephone. Accept payments via telephone and immediately confirm the payment while the customer is on the phone. The system accepts check relay payments, ACH, and credit/debit card transactions, CalliPay enables you to choose whether you accept one form of payment or several via telephone.
  • Internet. Now, your customers can pay anytime from anywhere, and receive immediate payment confirmation. Customized payment pages reflect your company identity and can stand alone or be a link from your company Website. Combine this functionality with CalliPay’s e-billing service to create a secure, full solution package.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR provides yet another way for customers to make payments via the telephone using either standard scripting or scripts customized to your specifications. Customizable prompts carry your corporate branding enabling callers instantly to recognize that they are connected to you. Customers are directed through the system with scripts guiding them in to pay using virtually any method. If they need additional assistance not available through the IVR, the system will transfer them to a live representative. The CalliPay IVR system if offered as a pay-as-you-go option.
  • Recurring Payments. Schedule and manage recurring payments with the Recurring Payment Manager interface which works with ACH or credit/debit cards. Upon agreement, your customer’s payments become automated which assures them of making timely payments. Easily track all pending and completed payments, and email payment notifications and confirmations. Comprehensive reporting features provide accurate data processing, detailed settlements, disputes, and charge backs using one inclusive online report. The information is also conveniently available for export for account tracking and reconciliation.
  • Payment Batching. CalliPay supports payment batching and offers the flexibility of either manual or automatic release of the batch at a specified time of the day to be processed at 12 midnight. This allows clients the opportunity for a final approval of payments before submitting the batch for processing.
  • Post Dates: The UPP enables you to enter any form of post date payment - check, ACH or credit/debit card. Simply enter the payment in the system. It will store the transaction information until the date of payment. Then the system will automatically trigger the payment, processing it along with your payment activity that day. Payments may be edited or deleted from the system up to the day of the payment.

Post dated payments must follow certain payment industry guidelines depending on the type of payment. CalliPay’s UPP is fully equipped to handle all payment guidelines so you can process your payments conveniently and within regulatory guidelines.

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